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Shenzhen Chehulu Technology Co., Ltd.

Global Professional OBD Hardware Provider


Founded in June 2015, Hulu Technologies is a technology-driven team with four years of age. The founder team has accumulated technology in OBD/TBOX/automotive bus industry for more than ten years.


Shenzhen High-tech Enterprises, mainly in hardware research and development, research and development of 31 people, production outsourcing.

Undertake hardware customization, OEM/ODM, batch orders and other hardware providers.


Research and development technology focuses on car OBD, truck OBD, UBI data calculation and acquisition, rental sharing car TBOX, car front-loading TBOX, mobile car TBOX and other hardware development, focusing on car bus development, GPS positioning, 2G/3G/4G wireless network data transmission terminals.


With firm belief, full of confidence in the future, make every effort to create positive contributions for customers.




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